Obama policy helped Florida school shooter avoid police scrutiny

Democrats want to ban guns and change laws in order to prevent another shooting similar to what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, Florida.

But they should have said something when former President Obama was in office as it was his change to the law that helped the shooter, Nikolas Cruz, avoid being caught.

Protect The Kids.

Prior to Cruz murdering 17 people there were warnings that were ignored.

Calls to the FBI, the local Broward County Sheriff and the school itself were pushed aside as Cruz remained free and now we have found out why.

Broward County Superintendent Robert W. Runcie, who used to work for Obama Education Secretary Arne Duncan in Chicago, said school arrests fell by 63 percent after policies were implemented to stop the “schoolhouse-to-jailhouse pipeline.”

But those policies also kept Cruz from being caught.

Keeping The Guilty Free.

The policy to keep those who should have been arrested from being apprehended is a major reason why Cruz was able to purchase a gun and wreak havoc on his former classmates.

“Mr. Cruz is a perfect example of someone just falling through the cracks that we create through bad policy,” Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Association President Jeff Bell told The Washington Times.

“They were basically paying us not to make arrests,” he said.

Superintendent Runcie used to think the policies were fantastic and bragged about President Obama potentially copying them.

“Some of my staff joke that the Obama administration might have taken our policies and framework and developed them into national guidelines,” he told Scholastic Administrator in 2014. “What we’ve got is very aligned with that. We went out early on.”

This was not the only reason that Cruz did what he did, nor is it the only reason he was able to evade being caught prior to the shooting.

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But it is a significant reason.

That fact is being ignored by the mainstream media and Democrats because blaming the gun fits their agenda.

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