Obama: ‘people are dying because of misinformation’

Former President Barack Obama, this week, railed against “misinformation,” the Daily Caller reports

At one point, Obama even went so far as to claim that “people are dying because of misinformation.” Obama appeared to be referring to those individuals who have chosen not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Obama claimed during a speech that he gave on Thursday at Stanford University. The overall thrust of the speech was to argue that social media companies ought to regulate speech more aggressively, especially speech about important issues, such as the coronavirus pandemic, to prevent the spread of so-called misinformation.

Obama, ironically, made this argument after initially claiming to be “pretty close to a First Amendment absolutist.” He hastened to add, though, that the First Amendment does not apply to social media companies.

“Raw sewage”

Obama’s argument for more speech regulation, i.e. censorship, by Big Tech companies seems to boil down to this: People can’t distinguish the truth for themselves, so the likes of Big Tech and of Obama have to distinguish it for them.

“[O]ver time we lose our capacity to distinguish between fact, opinion, and wholesale fiction,” Obama said. “Or maybe we just stop caring.”

Obama added that “our brains aren’t accustomed to taking in this much information this fast, and a lot of us are experiencing overload.”

Obama went on to claim that “people like Putin and Steve Bannon for that matter understand it’s not necessary for people to believe disinformation in order to weaken democratic institutions, you just have to flood the public square with enough raw sewage.”

Obama’s guide to censorship

Later in his speech, Obama laid out a set of guidelines for the regulation of speech.

The guidelines include:

Whether [the speech] strengthens or weakens the prospects for a healthy inclusive democracy. Whether it encourages robust debate and respect for our differences. Whether it reinforces rule of law and self-governance. Whether it helps us make collective decisions based on the best available information. Whether it recognizes the rights and freedoms and dignity of all of our citizens.

Don’t forget this all comes from the “First Amendment absolutist.”

It comes from the “First Amendment absolutist” who wants to take away your ability to say anything that contradicts the left’s propaganda.

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