Former Obama official slams Biden administration in profanity-laced tweet

Though it seems that Democrats follow an unwritten code of refusing to criticize President Joe Biden — even when he deserves it — it was only a matter of time before someone deviated from the rules.

According to the Daily Wire, Walter Shaub, a former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics (USOGE) under former President Barack Obama, aired his grievances with the Biden administration’s hiring actions in a shocking, profanity-laced Twitter rant over the weekend, becoming one of the first high-profile Obama-era officials to criticize the current president. 

“This royally sucks”

Shaub’s outburst came in the wake of a report from The Washington Post that revealed several children of Biden’s top aides were rewarded with coveted, high-level gigs in the Biden administration — actions that a former ethics director would likely be concerned about.

“I’m sorry, I know some folks don’t like hearing any criticism of him. But this royally sucks,” Shaub admitted in a tweet. “I’m disgusted. A lot of us worked hard to tee him up to restore ethics to government and believed the promises. This is a real ‘f— you’ to us — and government ethics.”

Shaub called out those who defended Biden over the bombshell story, reminding them that, not long ago, the very same people criticized former President Donald Trump for bestowing some of his children and relatives with various White House advisory roles.

“Pathetic! The responses from people who spent 4 years complaining the other side was putting party over country are pathetic. They sound just like MAGAs. The jobs went to privileged kiddos with mommies & daddies who cozied up to POTUS. Nepotism is illegal,” Shaub tweeted.

The former USOGE director published another tweet with the names of the advisers in question, asking his followers to “guess the economic background of this privileged white boy.”

Shaub doubles down

His criticism of the Biden administration didn’t end there. Shaub, who now works as a senior ethics fellow at the Project On Government Oversight (POGO), went on to nuke the Biden administration for hiring so many relatives of his current and former aides.

“When little problems like this, which are so damn easy to avoid, crop up, it’s a sign of much bigger rot. Because if you can’t even do the easy things, you sure as hell can’t do the hard things,” Shaub wrote. He went on to add that he believes the White House’s defense of hiring those people is “BS.”

Shaub, a prolific tweeter, has ranted dozens of times on the subject, but in some of his recent tweets, he seemingly backtracked to some degree, as far as comparisons made to the alleged ethics violations under the Trump administration, which he insisted were far worse than what’s happening under Biden.

“It won’t help, but I’ll say it again. I’ve never suggested this admin’s weak ethics program is anywhere close or even in the same neighborhood as the Trump admin’s open corruption and criminality,” he tweeted, after presumably receiving negative feedback over his attack on the current administration.

Shaub, as eccentric as he sounds, isn’t wrong about Biden, as the president campaigned on bolstering ethics in the White House and is seemingly failing to carry through on that promise. At least Shaub went on the record with his criticism, which is exceedingly rare — if not unheard of — among current and former Democrat officials.

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