Former Obama official given mysterious $28k bonus during Russia probe investigation

The more evidence that is revealed, the more it looks like the Obama administration was complicit in deceiving the American people.

One of the many disturbing pieces of information recently revealed was an unexplained $28,000 bonus paid to Bruce Ohr.

Follow the Money

Bruce Ohr was among the Justice Department officials tasked with the Russia probe against Trump campaign members.

However, there is a bit of a twist with Ohr that really makes this bonus look fishy. Bruce’s wife, Nellie was employed by Fusion GPS at the time of the probe.

As you may recall, Fusion GPS was the company tasked with compiling the dossier against Trump. The company hired Christopher Steele to put the document together for them.

While the dossier was originally ordered by an anti-Trump Republican, the finances were eventually picked up by both the Hillary campaign and the DNC. The bonus, at least on the surface, almost appears to be a finder’s fee for Ohr.

More Problems

As if that were not bad enough, more documents that were released point to a clear effort by both Justice Department officials and Hillary Clinton to prevent certain information from even being made public.

One of the shadier instances is a batch of notes that have gone “missing.” The notes were taken by the FBI during an August 2015 meeting with the Inspector General about the Hillary emails.

Additionally, a CD with a copy of those notes has been mysteriously damaged so badly, experts believe they will not be able to retrieve anything from it. The dates on the document fall right in line with the timeline of that specific part of the investigation, which is clearly not a good look for the administration that “never had a scandal”.

Even more damaging is the fact that the FBI has just confirmed that some of Hillary’s missing emails have been found on the dark web. This proves that her server was, in fact, hacked, something that has been speculated upon but never really proven.

All this is happening while Attorney General William Barr has three separate investigations going regarding the beginnings of the Russia probe.

Keep in mind, Joe Biden was Vice President while all this was going on. If this turns into a proven scandal, his third attempt at the White House will be over.

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