Obama toys with notion of sending in Navy SEALs if Trump refuses to leave White House

After months of speculating on whether President Donald Trump would peacefully leave the White House if he lost the 2020 election, the issue remains on the minds of some Democrats as the president refuses to concede the race to his rival, Joe Biden.

As reported by Breitbart, even former President Barack Obama has gotten in on the action, telling late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel that Navy SEALs could be used in forcibly evicting Trump from the executive mansion if he will not leave on his own accord.

“We can always send the Navy SEALs in there”

Obama’s criticism of his successor has grown more acute in recent months, but his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live raised even more eyebrows.

He appeared on the ABC program on Thursday to hawk his most recent book, A Promised Land, and the host brought up the prospect of forcing the president from the White House without specifically mentioning Trump.

When asked whether there were any secret hiding spots within the residence wherein “someone could hide” to avoid being kicked out, Obama chuckled and made his reference to a military option.

“Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALS in there to dig him out,” he told Kimmel.

They went on to discuss the 2009 transition from the George W. Bush administration to Obama’s.

“Could not have been more gracious”

“He ordered everybody on his team to work seamlessly with us on the transition,” Obama said of his predecessor. “Could not have been more gracious. Could not have been more helpful.”

He called Bush a “patriot,” insinuating that the prior GOP president acted in stark contrast to the current commander in chief.

Although Obama clearly took aim at Trump during his recent appearance, he was in the right place for it. Kimmel is no stranger to controversial comments about the president — including an apparent fantasy in which police haul him from the White House in handcuffs.

Breitbart reported earlier this month that the comedian was upset over Trump’s insistence that widespread fraud was a factor in the recent election.

Shortly after Trump’s post-election address, Kimmel told his audience: “It was a litany of lies, threats, just a despicable and incoherent attack on democracy in the United States. At the end of that speech, he should have been arrested.”

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