Barack Obama takes jab at wife Michelle for using a ghostwriter

There seems to be a bit of competition between Barack and Michelle Obama.

With Michelle’s Becoming atop the best-seller list in 2018, Barack is apparently taking some heat about his book being completed.

One report even caught Obama taking a jab at Michelle for having used a ghostwriter while he is writing his book entirely on his own.

The Waiting Game

The delayed publish date of former President Obama’s book is starting to be noticed because of the conflict it may have with the presidential election.

Obama is clearly going to be a VIP speaker during the campaign.

This will not be a one and done for Obama, either, as the eventual winner will more than likely want him to appear at various key states and events during the campaign.

He or she will need Obama out there to keep the money flowing during the campaign.

Since Obama has behind the curve, so to speak, his book release and the eventual tour will probably be around the same time as the heavy part of the campaign schedule begins.

So, what is the reason for the delay? Obama is reportedly going through a painstaking research process to ensure the book is factually accurate while also being entertaining.

Something tells me it will be neither.

Problems Surfacing

Recently, Barack has had numerous public appearances, but Michelle is seemingly absent.

I, for one, wish they would both go away.

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