Obama administration secretly issued licenses to help Iran recover billions of dollars

The administration with no scandals has just been found to have yet another scandal during Obama’s time as president.

While Obama’s treasury officials denied giving Iran access to our financial markets and institutions, licenses were secretly created that did just that.

The Bombshell

New documentation has been revealed that proves the Obama administration gave Iran access to our banking system.

This is something specifically denied by Obama’s treasury officials when questioned in front of Congress.

According to Senate investigators, a license was granted to enable Iran to convert “billions of U.S. dollars using the U.S. financial system.”

Not only that, the administration “encouraged” several banking institutions to convert the funds for the Iranians against their objections.

And It Gets Worse

While appearing in front of Congress saying financial holds were still in place against Iran, government officials were doing something completely different.

According to the report, officials were going from bank to bank to encourage foreign banks to do business with the Iranians.

Let that sink in for a moment…

This is a country that despises us with much of its population thinking about ways to kill us.

Yet, the Obama administration was not only opening up our financial system to them, but also trying to open up the financial system of the entire world for them.

In essence, the administration was bankrolling terrorists.

This would be a bombshell that would wreck the legacy of any president, except for Obama.

Compare it to the outrage over Trump and Russia… something that has yet to be proven after more than a year of investigating.

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This story should literally be blowing up cable news right now.

Sadly, though, all we are seeing is Michael Avenatti discussing a “wronged” porn star.

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