Bizarre speech from Obama prompts rumors over former president’s health

Barack Obama has always had a knack as an orator. Obama’s generally cool, calm, and collected demeanor was not present during a recent speech, though, with Obama regularly losing his train of thought, high-pitched speaking, and noticeable sweating.

Obama’s performance set off the rumor mill about a possible health crisis.

Health Decline?

The speech that is creating these rumors was given in October 2018 in Milwaukee. Obama railed against Trump during most of the speech, but he was not his usual self.

There were times during the speech that Obama was clearly having some problems. The sweat was pouring off his face, making many wonder if there was something physically wrong with the former president.

Obama also had problems stringing his thoughts together, which is a true rarity when Obama is on his game. At one point, it appeared as though Obama was speaking nothing but gibberish.

He even tried cracking a few jokes, and the crowd politely laughed, but he was clearly off his game.

Personal Problems

The recent health rumors about Obama are now coupled with rumors there could be some marital problems for the couple.

Think back about the last time you saw them make a public appearance together? Personally, I can’t recall seeing them in public since they boarded Marine One on his last day in office.

Michelle has been off promoting her book and vacationing with their daughters, leaving Barack behind. The couple has had marital difficulties before and sought out counseling, something Michelle alluded to in her book.

Perhaps Obama is tipping back a bottle for a few extra fingers of scotch to deal with her absence. That is pure conjecture, of course, but it would explain the ferocious sweating in October.

The more Obama speaks, the more these rumors are going to run wild because the Barack Obama of today is clearly having issues.

It is just the source of those issues that remains a mystery.

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