Michelle Obama invited entertainers to White House who degraded women

Democrats love to brag about how “classy” former President Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, were as compared to President Donald Trump’s family, but nothing could be further from the truth.

For the entirety of Obama’s administration, there was a parade of rappers and other “stars” whose music and film degraded women.

The Cavalcade Of Degenerates.

From Pusha T, whose name literally refers to him as a drug pusher, to Jay Z and Beyoncé, the whose who of nasty performers is astounding.

The aforementioned Pusha T attended President Obama’s 55th birthday bash where, afterwards, he shared a drunken video bragging about the experience.

“Couple things, who would have ever thought, man, I would be at the president’s birthday party with high waters on and Gucci loafers with no socks, in the White House. I took my shoes off. Y’all can’t f*** with me!”

Ah yes Pusha. The White House has seldom reveled in the grandeur of having a star with the class and dignity that you emanate.

For The Kids.

Rapper Big Sean performed at the 2014 Easter Egg roll along with Ariana Grande.

The performance for the event was tame and PG, but who could forget such classics as his hit “I Don’t (expletive) With You.”

We won’t print the words here. We tried, but there were more asterisks than letters. We gave up.


Whatever happened to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin?

The King And Queen.

And who could forget “The Queen Bee” Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z. This is a woman that Michelle Obama called a role model for children.

Her music often graphically describes sex acts.

I wonder if Hillary Clinton listened to those songs before Beyoncé went on the campaign trail for her?

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Common, Killer Mike, Nicki Minaj and Ludacris, who have each produced various odes of filth, were all invited to President Obama’s White House.

The next time someone wants to compare them to the class and dignity shown by President Trump, first lady Melania Trump and the rest of the first family, remind them.

We’re downright lucky to have First Lady Melania Trump in 2018.

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