Report: Obama says Joe Biden’s goals are ‘not that different’ from Bernie Sanders’

Former President Barack Obama just exposed Joe Biden for who he really is: a progressive Democrat who sits just as far to the left as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Speaking with The New Yorker, Obama said Biden and Sanders’ goals are “not that different,” The Federalist reports.

“If you look at Joe Biden’s goals and Bernie Sanders’s goals, they’re not that different from a forty-thousand-foot level,” the former president said in an interview published Sunday, according to The Federalist.

He went on: “They both want to make sure everybody has health care. They want to make sure everybody can get a job that pays a living wage. They want to make sure every child gets a good education.”

Biden and Bernie

While Obama may have been trying to rally those on the far-left of his party with his Sunday remarks, they’re likely to have a different impact.

After all, there’s a reason Bernie Sanders has never been able to drum up as much support as some of his more moderate counterparts.

A self-proclaimed “democratic” socialist, Sanders doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he wants to change America at its core. And it seems Biden is no better.

Indeed, the former vice president has long tried to fashion himself as a moderate, but he’s proven over the last several weeks that he’s little more than a puppet of the left — and he’ll lean as far as they want him to, as evidenced by his choice of uber-progressive Sen. Kamala Harris (D) as his running mate.

Who is really running?

The scary thing for Democrat voters is that they don’t even know if Biden will be the one pulling the strings if he does win this November.

As the New York Post reports, polling has indicated that most Americans don’t think Biden will be able to finish his first term in the Oval Office — if he even gets there.

That would mean the job of running the country would be left to Harris, the former attorney general of California who was proud to call herself a “progressive prosecutor.”

It’s a frightening thought, indeed.

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