Whistleblower Says Obama Could Have Stopped Russian ‘Meddling,’ Did Nothing

Just how much blame falls with the Obama administration for the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election?

According to former staffer Brett Bruen, Obama not only knew about the meddling, he did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Who is Brett Bruen

Bruen was the Director of Global Engagement from 2013-2015.

According to Bruen, the entire Obama administration was warned about the possibility of Russian meddling in 2014, but he was ignored.

His hypothesis was not unfounded, either.

Bruen looked at how the Russians had already wrecked elections in the Ukraine.

How They Did It

During the 2014 election in the Ukraine, the Russians more or less created the very same plan that was allegedly used here in the United States.

They had an all-out attack via social media and used propaganda to allegedly point the election in the direction they wanted.

A task force had been assembled to find out exactly what took place during that election.

When the task force, of which Bruen was part of, started cranking out fact sheets and video detailing the Russians actions, the Russians pulled back their efforts in the Ukraine election.

The Warning

Bruen stated, “I was sitting in the Situation Room saying, ‘Why do we continue to look at this as an issue that only concerns the Ukraine, that only concerns Eastern Europe.’”

“This is something that’s going to march across Western Europe. This is something that’s going to march over to our shores, and we need to be ready,” Bruen continued.

Funding Denied

Even with the warning, any effort to stop the Russians from doing the same thing here would have needed significant funding.

Sadly, the Obama administration chose to ignore Bruen as well as thinking the Russians would not dare try to do something like that in a United States election.

Now, think about that for second…

Obama’s administration had no problem assembling a task force to investigate another country’s election, yet no funding could be found to protect an election on our home soil.

Was this because Obama possibly knew one of the candidates of choice for the Russians was Bernie Sanders?

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Or maybe it was just that the administration was looking for a ready-made excuse for the eventual Hillary Clinton loss.

Either way, it is time for Jeff Sessions to open the book on the Obama administration and bring everyone involved in the deception of the American people to justice!

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