Obama claims that ‘malevolence’ is threatening democracy

Former President Barack Obama just claimed that “malevolence” is taking aim at democracy, CNN reports. 

You could probably guess where the former president is going with this one.

Obama speaks

Obama made the claim during a speech that he gave on Thursday.

The speech took place in New York City, during a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The top tickets for the event went for $50,000.

There, a committee aid quotes Obama as saying, “One of the things we learned over the last six years is that democracy is not self-executing.”

The former president is said to have added that a little malice goes a long way in “dismantling norms, habits, institutions that are the glue to become a big, diverse, multiracial, multicultural democracy on premise in place.”

Obama, apparently, did not go into specifics – at least, reports do not indicate that he did. So, we don’t know exactly what malice Obama is referring to or where this malice is coming from. It’s a safe bet, though, that Obama doesn’t believe that the Democrats are the cause, even though it would make much more sense.


This is all part of the campaigning that Obama is doing for the consequential midterm elections, which will determine whether President Joe Biden will have the support of a Democratic Congress or whether he will be opposed by a Republican one.

So far, Obama hasn’t been doing all that much campaigning – this is only his second fundraiser in two weeks. But, that’s changing.

Obama has plans to campaign for a number of candidates in the coming weeks. This includes not only candidates for congressional and gubernatorial offices but even some candidates for key secretary of state races, which is unusual for a former president.

Obama, in his speech, praised the Democrats for “putting a bunch of resources into a ground game, door-knocking, direct voter contact.” The former presidents claimed that this is “the way you cut through all the noise right now and the confusion that’s fostered through social media.” Obama said “that’s where it’s going to make a difference.”

Expect to see more of the former president as the midterm elections approach.

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