Immigrant sworn into citizenship by Obama found dead

The recent tragic death of an immigrant might hit a little close to home for former President Barack Obama.

Alla Ausheva, who was sworn in as a citizen by Barack Obama seven years ago, was found dead this past Saturday alongside her two children.

Tragic and Confusing Deaths

Ausheva was living the true American dream. She immigrated to America several years ago. As part of her dedication to this country, she joined the service and served the country that was welcoming her.

Seven years ago, she was one of the individuals personally sworn into citizenship by then-President Barack Obama.

Then, tragedy struck. On Saturday, neighbors noticed a fire burning in her apartment. When first responders arrived, they found Ausheva lying beside her two toddler sons, all three of them dead.

The children, according to local reports, had been drowned. Ausheva appeared to have been struck in the head several times.

No Motive

As of yet, police seemed to be completely baffled as to how and why this tragedy happened.

The only link to the deaths is a man that was found aimlessly wondering close by during the time of the murders.

Several reports have stated they believe the man to be her husband, but this has not yet been confirmed.

While police have stated they are not looking for any suspects, but do have someone in custody. They have not offered the identity or possible motive for the killings as of yet.

Rest in peace, Alla, and thank you for your service to our country.

This was not the ending you deserved.

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