Obama: ‘Big portion’ of America uncomfortable with ‘rapidly’ changing societal trends

Former President Barack Obama has increasingly addressed current events in recent months, including remarks during an interview related to the podcast he co-hosts with rock legend Bruce Springsteen.

According to The Hill, Obama claimed that some Americans are resistant to political and societal changes because they are occurring too rapidly. 

“I think we’re in trouble”

He shared his opinion as part of an interview for CBS Mornings in an effort to promote Renegades: Born in the U.S.A., a book he co-wrote with Springsteen. The two prominent figures co-host a podcast by the same name.

Some critics found his remarks to be condescending, especially in light of the disparaging commentary Springsteen offered regarding former President Donald Trump.

“When I was young, I felt voiceless,” the musician declared. “I felt invisible, and I think we’re in trouble and that a lot of people do feel very voiceless. And Donald Trump was, you know, he had the cynicism and the carny ability to play on that part of our weakness.”

Springsteen went on to opine that the nation is “going to be in a lot of trouble” unless leaders “find a way to engage a lot of people who feel disaffected — whether it’s by technological change, whether it’s by the post-industrialization.”

Obama chimed in that his co-host “is right,” displaying a clear view that Americans opposed to the Democratic Party’s agenda are standing in the way of positive change.

“Change happening very rapidly”

“You end up having, on the one hand, change happening very rapidly, too rapidly for a big portion of the population,” Obama declared.

The ex-president went on to reference the impatience of fellow progressives, adding: “For another portion of the population, it’s like, ‘You know, how long are we going to keep having to defer this dream?”

Of course, millions of Americans are clearly at odds with Obama’s vision for the nation’s future — but he appears to be so convinced of his moral superiority that it is difficult to understand the root of that opposition.

As a result, many conservatives across the nation have come to assume that he and his ilk view them as not only wrong but stupid or evil — if not both.

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