Barack Obama: Biden lacks intimate bond with electorate

After spending eight years together in the White House, Joe Biden’s “best buddy,” Barack Obama, is openly betraying him.

Reports are flying that former President Barack Obama has had some pretty devastating things to say about Biden, including that Biden “really doesn’t” connect with Iowa voters, which could be a major problem for the presidential hopeful.

Uh oh, Joe

For months, Joe Biden has been trying to sell himself as the next Barack Obama. He can’t sell people on his record — because it isn’t all that appealing — so instead, he is selling them on the continuation of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Biden drops Obama’s name liberally throughout his campaign speeches and appearances, but without an official endorsement from Obama himself, Biden’s name-dropping doesn’t mean much.

For his part, Barack Obama believes it takes a truly special connection to be able to win Iowa.

While it may be a smaller state, it sets the tone for the primary. If a candidate doesn’t come out of New Hampshire and Iowa at the front of the pack, voters in other states can and will lose confidence in the candidate.

And Obama reportedly told some of his associates that connection is simply not there for Joe Biden, according to Breitbart.

Barack gets it right

Unfortunately for Biden, Obama is dead-on with his warning about Joe Biden’s lack of connection with voters. We need to look no further than recent polls for proof of that. In the most recent surveys, Joe Biden has been uprooted from first to as low as fourth in the early primary states.

Biden is still hanging on in Iowa at 22%, but he is down a full eight points from June. He is now tied with Bernie Sanders. Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren are nipping at his heels, polling at 21% and 18%, respectively.

It’s even worse for Biden in New Hampshire. There, he has now dropped to fourth place, with Mayor Buttigieg leading the way. If the trend keeps going in its current direction, Pete Buttigieg is going to come out of the first two primaries with the lead and Joe Biden would be lucky to be in third place.

Obama is clearly worried that Democrats simply don’t have a viable candidate in the election right now and you can hear it in his voice during appearances.

Think about it: The “frontrunner” candidate and establishment favorite is mired in corruption accusations, and two of the other leading candidates want to turn the United States into a socialist country. How are they going to take down President Donald Trump with that lineup?

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