Judicial Watch: Obama White House aware of Clinton’s private server as early as 2012

When the scandal surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized and unsecured private email server for official government business first became public in 2015, then-President Barack Obama pleaded ignorance and claimed he had just found out about it himself via media reports.

That claim increasingly appears to have been false, however, as documents have since emerged that strongly suggest the Obama White House was well aware of Clinton’s illicit email arrangement many years prior, as early as 2012, if perhaps even before that.

Fresh doubts about Obama’s denials

Those rather serious charges — that Obama not only knew of Clinton’s illegal emailing scheme earlier than previously acknowledged, but lied to the American people about it as well — were recently uncovered by a lawsuit initiated by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Reports reveal that Judicial Watch recently obtained dozens of pages of documents, some of which included messages showing that Obama’s White House involved itself in a cover-up and damage control efforts regarding Clinton’s private email server in December 2012.

Of particular concern was a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from a left-leaning watchdog group known as CREW, or Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, demanding that the State Department release any and all information regarding email accounts maintained by Clinton.

A flurry of messages about how best to respond to the request went back and forth among numerous individuals, including top Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, making it clear that the White House Counsel’s office was closely monitoring the situation. Ultimately, the State Department — undoubtedly with the approval of the White House — decided to lie and informed CREW that no records of Clinton emails had been found in relation to their request.

Cover-up alleged

“CREW had sent this request asking for records about any email accounts associated with Hillary Clinton. They had sent this request again in December of 2012,” Judicial Watch senior investigator Bill Marshall explained to OANN.

“The White House contacts the State Department and says ‘we want to know what’s going on, how are you responding to this Freedom of Information Act request?’ So, there’s some very interesting dialogue back and forth among the State Department officials,” he added.

Picking up where CREW left off — that organization’s focus has since shifted to President Donald Trump’s administration — Judicial Watch has pressed litigation of its own to have all of Clinton’s emails and everything else related to her illegal arrangement released to the public.

Alarming implications

“Like what we’re seeing here … it demonstrates how the White House knew all along, for a long period of time, that Hillary was using an illegal email server,” Marshall said.

“Of course they knew because Hillary, we know, was communicating with Barack Obama via her illegal email account,” he added, alluding to other documents and testimony which showed that some of Clinton’s emails had been recovered from a White House email server.

While it remains unclear if Clinton or Obama will ever truly be held accountable for their alleged misdeeds, one thing is crystal clear — Obama knew about Clinton’s illegal email server long before the public did, and he lied about his foreknowledge of — if not participation in — that criminal activity when it was first reported in the media.

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