Obama attempts to target Fox News, but ends up exposing his own hypocrisy

June 24, 2023
Robert Ayers

Former President Barrack Obama just targeted Fox News and other conservative-leaning news outlets. 

Obama did so during a recent interview that he did with leftist outlet CNN. The interview, which took place in Athens, Greene, aired on Thursday night.

It is titled, Obama & Amanpour. 

"Amanpour" refers to CNN's Christiane Amanpour, who conducted the interview with Obama.

"The siloing of information"

During one part of the interview, Obama appeared to argue, more or less, that watching Fox News or other news outlets that deliver the news from more of a Republican perspective leads to people being "fearful of each other."

Obama made the argument after Amanpour asked him about the divisiveness in America and about whether Republican presidential candidates might try to adopt messaging that tries to unite the country.

Obama said - with a laugh - that he does not believe Republicans will adopt such messaging.

Then, he said this:

But, what is true is that partly because of where people are getting their information these days, the siloing of information, if you’re watching Fox News, or following some right-wing radio host, or getting Facebook feeds within that bubble, your reality is different than if you read the New York Times or watch your program. And, when people are getting such fundamentally different facts, or what they think to be facts, and their worldviews are so skewed in one direction or another, then it’s very hard for democracy to work.

Obama went on to opine that "this constant demonization of the other side, making people fearful of each other" is "a problem" that is going to get "even more pronounced" in the future, considering, among other things, advancements in AI.

Blatant hypocrisy

It, of course, is extremely ironic for Obama - a Democrat - to be criticizing Republicans for demonizing the other side when it is the Democrats who are known for such tactics.

Consider, for example, President Joe Biden's continuous attacks on "extreme MAGA" Republicans. Or, consider how Democratic politicians, such as U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), have a habit of referring to Republicans as "racist," "xenophobic," and "fascists."

It is also extremely ironic for Obama to be targeting Fox News, and this is for multiple reasons.

Fox is nowhere near as partisan as the likes of MSNBC and CNN, particularly after Fox's recent jump to the center.

If Obama would have extended his criticism to all news media - or, at least, the mainstream media - his point would have had some legitimacy to it - the mainstream media is certainly not doing America any favors these days. But, instead, all Obama managed to do is to expose his own hypocrisy.

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