Michelle Obama announces push to register new voters ahead of midterms

The Obama push to take back the White House is beginning.

On Monday, Michelle Obama announced she will be out hustling up voter registrations for When We All Vote in late September.

Hidden Message

Democrats have been pushing a consistent message virtually from the moment Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.

That message is had all Democrats voted, they could have prevented Trump from winning the presidency.

Much like Hillary Clinton, the powers that be in the party are refusing to take the blame in that they had a horrible candidate on the ticket.

In an effort to secure the extra votes, liberals are now making a huge push to ensure specific voters are registered for the next election.

Michelle Obama has now become a part of the When We All Vote initiative.

As you can see from Michelle Obama’s PSA video, the implication is that there is a horrific problem in this country right now, one that can only be corrected if they start to kick conservatives out office.

Being Selective

It is all but guaranteed this initiative will be concentrating on liberal voters.

We can expect the forces to be out in droves to get voters to register as Democrats.

And, while they are not supposed to push a particular political party when registering voters, we know that will not be the case.

Michelle Obama’s mere presence hints of partisanship, as you know she will be talking smack against Trump and filling people’s ears with the alleged horrors his presidency has led to.

Upcoming mid-term elections are among the most important we have seen in recent history.

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With no seats to spare in the Senate, these elections will be instrumental in allowing Trump to continue what he started or ending up as a lame-duck one-term president.

Conservatives need to match the Democrats’ efforts and ensure we turn out in huge numbers come November … or our country as we know it will never be the same.

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