Trump floats idea of hitting Obama and Clinton with subpoenas

Donald Trump has been under investigation more or less since the first day he took office.

While Democrats have come up completely empty, Trump floated the idea of how well Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would hold up under the same scrutiny, the Daily Caller reports.

Poking the Bear

Trump characterized the Democrats efforts against him as a “fishing” expedition.

Dems don’t really have anything against him, so they just keep requesting records in the hopes they will find something they can use to impeach him. They have already wasted two years of doing absolutely nothing other than trying to get Trump out of the White House.

The total cost for the Mueller investigation was at least $25 million — but how much more have they wasted in congressional hearings and “message” legislation?

Two Can Play That Game

Trump no doubt sent a shiver down the spine of the entire Democratic Party by suggesting Republicans in the Senate should do the same thing to both Obama and Clinton.

“All [the Democrats] want to do is impede, and investigate — they want to go fishing — and I watched Bob Mueller, and they have nothing,” Trump said,

“We want to find out what happened with the last Democrat president,” he added. “They could look into the book deal that President Obama made.”

Trump went on: “Let’s subpoena all of his records. Let’s subpoena all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton and all of the nonsense that went on with Clinton and her Foundation.”

There is little doubt the Clinton Foundation was involved in pay-to-play schemes. We also know there is a lot of speculation that Obama’s VP, Joe Biden, greased the rails for his son to make millions overseas through his connections.

Dems don’t even have the support among House members to impeach Trump, so what are they really hoping to accomplish by continuing down this path?

The sad fact is that this is far from over. Dems have every intention of dragging this out for the rest of Trump’s first term, and will no doubt continue their witch hunts if Trump wins re-election.

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