NYT story shatters Democrat narrative of quid pro quo with Ukraine

The New York Times thought it was publishing a story likely to bury President Donald Trump, but the publication may have actually helped him.

A recent story in the Times inadvertently confirms there could not have possibly been a quid pro quo during the July 25 call between Trump and Ukraine’s president, according to Breitbart, reversing the entire impeachment narrative of the Democratic Party. 

The Phone Call

The timing of the phone call is the key to the entire story being spun by Democrats. The phone call took place on July 25, at which point aid to Ukraine was reportedly put on hold.

However, according to the New York Times piece, Ukraine had no idea the aid was being held up at that time. In fact, the first time the Ukrainian government became aware the aid was being delayed was when a Politico story broke stating the financial assistance had been held up in August.

According to Breitbart: “Zelensky himself has acknowledged that ‘there was no blackmail’ during the call, citing as evidence that he ‘had no idea the military aid was held up’ at the time of his July 25 phone conversation with Trump.”

Everyone admits that Trump asked Ukraine to look into Biden’s dealings, but Trump was clearly not looking for anything in return, and the aid was not being held up to force Zelensky to honor Trump’s wishes.

The funny thing about the Times piece, though, is its author even touts the fact that Ukraine knew about the aid in early August in the headline, but again, the phone call where the quid pro quo supposedly took place happened weeks before.

But If It’s Corruption…

For some reason, everyone seems to be looking past the point of possible corruption by Joe Biden. If it is not corruption, it is clearly an ethical issue and an unjust use of influence by Biden to help his son make millions of dollars.

Dems want us to believe that since Joe Biden is a presidential candidate, Trump is the one breaking the law, but that is clearly not the case.

Had any other citizen in this country acted in a corrupt manner in Ukraine and Trump asked the new president to investigate him or her, there would be zero outrage.

Liberals and Democrats are only upset because their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, is suddenly implicated in a very problematic scandal.

Will the drama surrounding this phone call end now that the Times has blown the lid off the narrative? Not likely, Democrats are fully committed to this impeachment, facts be damned.

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