NYT op-ed blasts Justice Barrett’s stance on adoption

An essay published Friday by The New York Times is making headlines for outwardly criticizing Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s argument that adoption is a viable option for families considering abortion.

According to Democratic strategist Elizabeth Spiers, Barrett “kept getting at one question” Wednesday as the Supreme Court was hearing oral arguments in a case challenging a Mississippi abortion law that bans the procedure in most circumstances after 15 weeks gestation: “Why was abortion necessary, when women who do not want to be mothers can simply give their babies up for adoption?”

“As an adoptee myself, I was floored by Justice Barrett’s assumption that adoption is an accessible and desirable alternative for women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant,” Spiers wrote for the Times Friday. 

“She may not realize it, but what she is suggesting is that women don’t need access to abortion because they can simply go do a thing that is infinitely more difficult, expensive, dangerous and potentially traumatic than terminating a pregnancy during its early stages,” Spiers added.

“The complexities of adoption”

Spiers also wrote Friday of “the complexities of adoption,” which she said can inflict a toll on children and birth mothers. 

“But [Barrett] speaks as if adoption is some kind of idyllic fairy tale,” Spiers wrote for the Times. “My own adoption actually was what many would consider idyllic. I was raised by two adoptive parents, Alice and Terry, from the time I was an infant, and grew up in a home where I knew every day that I was loved.”

She went on:

A few years ago, I found my biological mother, Maria, and three siblings I didn’t know I had via a DNA test and Facebook.

The first time I spoke to Maria on the phone — she lives in Alabama, not too far from my parents, and I live in Brooklyn — she apologized repeatedly for giving me up and told me she loved me and that I would always be family. “You are blood,” she would say later. I told her, and continue to tell her, every time she brings it up, that the apology is unnecessary. I had a wonderful childhood and I believe she had made the right decision. But she remains heartbroken about the years we missed together.

“The new leftist position”

According to Fox News, the piece prompted pushback from many on the right, including pundit and radio host Ben Shapiro.

“Love that the new Leftist position is that abortion is necessary because adoption is bad,” Shapiro wrote in a tweet responding to Spiers’ op-ed. “This is psychotic.”

Columnist Meghan McCain opined in a tweet of her own that her sister, an adoptee, undoubtedly “prefers being alive than dead.”

“I can assure you my sister prefers being alive than dead. And would prefer a life outside of an orphanage in Calcutta,” McCain, the daughter of the late U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), wrote Friday. 

“Of all the grotesque woke commentary to emerge in the past few years,” she said, “the anti-adoption fringe intellectuals are by far the most vile and sick.”

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