NYPD commander resigns over frustrations with city leaders: Report

As protests against police brutality lead to activist demands to “defund the police,” cops in many cities have voiced their frustration with the perceived lack of support by local officials.

New York Police Department Deputy Inspector Richard Brea expressed his displeasure with that city’s leaders when he submitted his resignation this week, as the New York Post reported.

His decision comes after more than three decades of police service, according to Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa, who was cited as a source in the Post report.

“Hands tied behind their backs”

Sliwa said Brea expressed concern over a lack of guidance from top officials regarding how his officers were supposed to perform their duties.

Fox News Channel host Judge Jeanine Pirro highlighted the officer’s resignation during a Fox & Friends appearance on Friday morning, describing it as a sign of increasing “frustration” among rank-and-file police officers.

She said cops feel as though they have their “hands tied behind their backs” amid requirements to keep the streets safe under new restrictions without sufficient leadership.

“It’s crazy, and you know, we are now going to see the reverse of the pendulum, where crime is going to go up and we will suffer the consequences of a feckless police department, not in terms of the cops, but in terms of the direction from the top,” Pirro added.

“I’m getting no direction”

She went on to assert that many in the law enforcement field feel there is “no way to fight” the dual desires of local officials that police obtain lower crime statistics with fewer confrontations between police and the public. That frustration, she argued, was apparent in Brea’s resignation.

“He just said, ‘The heck with this, I’m getting no direction from the department, I’m getting no help,'” Pirro said, adding that morale has dropped among many police agencies as a result of the current prevailing culture.

Officers in Altanta, Georgia, reportedly participated in widespread walkouts in the wake of a police shooting that left a black man dead and two officers facing criminal charges.

Given the current state of civil unrest and anger directed at law enforcement, other officers are sure to be submitting their resignations in the near future.

Unless local leaders, protesters, and cops can find some common ground, the situation is unlikely to substantially improve anytime soon.

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