New York City drops gun restrictions to avoid Supreme Court battle

New York City lawmakers were the first to blink in a case that seemed destined for the Supreme Court.

Rather than risk losing its case on the Supreme Court, New York City has decided to admit defeat and drop recently added restrictions to its gun laws.

Second Amendment Rights

In a recent effort to further restrict law-abiding citizens, New York City had passed new gun laws that would have severely restricted gun owners from transporting their weapons.

Had the new gun laws remained intact, a licensed firearm owner in the city of New York would have not have been able to take his or her weapon beyond the city limits, even if they were headed to a range for practice.

After the legislation was passed locally, a lawsuit was filed to take the case to the Supreme Court. The high court recently accepted the case, which made legislators think twice about moving forward.

Choosing Their Battles

With the Supreme Court currently boasting a 5-4 edge in favor of conservatives, the liberal lawmakers figured it was best to save this battle for another day.

Rather than risk losing and setting a precedent, the city has changed the regulations and has given in to the requests of gun advocates.

Since the reversal, those legally owning weapons and residing in New York City will be able to carry their firearms outside city limits to their second homes or firing ranges beyond New York City.

Now that regulation has been changed, the city is hoping the plaintiffs will drop their case.

If they don’t, however, city representatives have stated they will press on and fight the case to enforce the restrictions as they were originally stated.

If the case does go to the Supreme Court, it will be the first Second Amendment case to make its way to the high court in a decade.

President Trump has already commented on the case, expressing his support behind the plaintiffs in the case.

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