NYC Mayor Adams calls out ‘far left’ Dems for doing ‘nothing’ to address border and migrant crisis

In response to certain Republican governors sending voluntary groups of newly arrived illegal migrants to Democratic-run “sanctuary” cities, including New York City, many Democrats and their media allies have cried foul and claimed to be overwhelmed by the relative handful of migrants they have received in comparison to the daily flood across the nation’s southern border.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), who has done his fair share of the whining, somewhat surprisingly called out his own side of the ideological divide for not doing more to adequately address the humanitarian crisis at the border and beyond, the Daily Caller reported.

Adams presumably felt justified in calling out both sides of the political aisle on the topic due to the fact that, under his leadership, the city is working to rapidly establish special relief centers to temporarily house and care for the newly arrived migrants instead of simply sending them elsewhere or ignoring them.

Both sides at fault for crisis, mayor says

Mayor Adams on Monday held a press conference on an unrelated issue but was asked by a reporter about the “emergency” prompted by the “influx” of migrants and the city’s efforts to erect the humanitarian relief centers.

“Last week, I think two days in a row we had anywhere from six to eight buses,” Adams said. “Those are large numbers and so we’re going to continue to expand as the expansion is needed.

“But this is a perfect time to really state that. I don’t know if you have really picked up what’s happening,” he continued. “The far right is doing the wrong thing. The far left is doing nothing. I mean the silence — I don’t believe the silence that I’m hearing.”

“These are people in need of services and I am not hearing from the two ends of the spectrum. Far right is doing what’s wrong. Far left is doing nothing at all,” the mayor added. “It is time for us to address this in a unified way and that’s what we are doing, this administration is doing, and we should not be doing it alone.”

Humanitarian relief centers under construction

During that press conference, Mayor Adams also fielded some questions about the new humanitarian relief centers that were still under construction and some particular issues that had already arisen with regard to the location of those centers.

AMNY reported last week that construction had begun on the first of at least two “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers,” which are essentially massive reinforced tent cities, the first of which was located near Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

While some New York officials and residents have praised the idea, others have been critical, including Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson, who questioned the Orchard Beach location as being potentially dangerous due to that area being prone to occasional flooding, and though her concerns were duly noted, construction proceeded regardless.

Tent city moved following predicted flooding

However, Gibson’s concerns were soon validated, as Mayor Adams issued a press release Monday night to announce that, due to heavy storms over the weekend, the Orchard Beach location had flooded, exactly as predicted.

Adams noted in the statement that despite assurances from officials that certain mitigation measures could prevent or reduce future flooding, the decision had been made to deconstruct and move that humanitarian tent city to a different, less flood-prone location just days before it was slated to be opened.

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