New York Times comes under attack from both right and left

The New York Times is learning the price of not being in complete lockstep with Democrats and progressives. The Times is a media outlet that is far from centrist and widely known for its left-leaning politics.

However, in this day and age, failing to sufficiently toe the liberal line has become akin to a bona fide crime, but now the Times has taken a massive hit not only from conservatives but from progressives as well. 

The attacks are intense, but for very different reasons.

Can’t Please Anyone

The New York Times is accused, perhaps rightly so, of being unfair to President Trump by many on the right, according to The Hill. But a number of prominent leftists view the paper as too weak when it comes to attacking the president.

While the outlet is significantly and demonstratively biased in favor of the political left, so the criticism from conservatives is fair. However, the idea that the New York Times is too weak when it comes to holding the president to account is patently absurd.

In fact, the leftists who are now attacking the Times are a huge problem. Instead of acknowledging when Trump at least says the right things, they are committed to mounting resistance.

The paper recently altered a headline it initially ran on a story about Trump’s comments on the El Paso shooting, under immense pressure from progressives. Leftist commentators felt it was too kind to the president, so the Times tweaked its wording to appease the critics. Instead of focusing on uniting the country, the left focused on playing politics.

Course Correction Needed

Both Republicans and Democrats play politics, a fact which cannot be denied. Democrats are arguably worse, however, because their brazen attacks on civility and unity are routinely beyond the pale.

When something as terrible as the El Paso shooting happens, we need to come together as a nation. We do not need politicians pushing their agendas and attacking others.

Americans are growing more and more exhausted with the games. Republicans and Democrats alike need to get with the program and serve the people.

We elect these individuals to serve us and to make our lives better, not to spread division and hardship. It is vital that media outlets also begin to recognize the role they play in this.

The New York Times needs to set an example, stop bending to political pressure, and instead report the truth rather than trying to please the paper’s partisan overlords.

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