NY Gov. Hochul is booed off the ice: video

New York Rangers fans are apparently not fans of Gov. Kathy Hochul (D).

Fox News reported that Hochul was greeted by boos during an appearance at the Rangers’ game on Tuesday. 

Take a look:

This had to hurt

In the video, the Madison Square Garden announcer can be heard introducing Hochul.

“Tonight, we would like to salute Gov. Kathy Hochul, the first female governor of New York state,” the announcer says. “Gov. Hochul began her career in public service in the greater Buffalo area, served in Congress, and was twice-elected lieutenant governor.”

By the time the announcer got this far, the boos were already building, and they only got louder as the announcer said, “A champion of women’s rights and leader of the great state of New York, please welcome Gov. Kathy Hochul.”

Hochul, who was wearing a Rangers jersey, takes it on the chin, smiling, as she walks up to center ice for the puck drop.

Social media’s response

There were plenty of social media users who essentially said that Hochul got what she deserved. The chief criticism of Hochul is with regard to the way she has handled the coronavirus pandemic, issuing iron-fisted mandates and restrictions until just recently.

What makes the boos even more impactful, though, is the fact that Hochul was at the Rangers games on a “women’s empowerment night,” as part of Women’s History Month.

Some social media users tried to use this fact to distract from the reality of the situation. They did so by claiming that boing Hochul is misogynistic and a form of male chauvinism. One user, for example, wrote, “Misogyny is alive and well in NYC.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), however, had a different take. Linking the video of Hochul being booed to his tweet, he wrote, “NY Rangers fans are ready to FIRE Kathy Hochul and are ALL IN to Save Our State! Losing is not an option.”

The New York Post reports: “The icy greeting was not indicative of the Democrat’s standing in the polls. Hochul held a commanding lead among declared primary candidates in her bid to hold onto the office in November.”

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