NY Democrat arrested for trying to run over GOP worker

The impact of Maxine Waters inflammatory comments are finally coming to fruition.

On Friday, Martin Astrof was arrested for attacking a GOP campaign worker.

The Attack

Waters told liberals to get into people’s faces, and that is exactly what Astrof did.

Lee Zeldin happens to be a Republican congressman that openly supports Trump.

Taking Waters’ challenge to heart, Astrof took it upon himself to him out.

First, Astrof entered Zeldin’s headquarters office in Nesconset, NY, and threatened to kill one campaign worker as well as others in the building.

He then left the building and got into his car — but the incident was not quite over yet.

Astrof then backed up his car in an apparent attempt to run down the campaign worker.

Luckily, Astrof was not successful in his attack.

Astrof then fled the scene.

After police were alerted, they were able to track Astrof down and arrest him at his home.

He has been charged with second degree reckless endangerment and making a terroristic threat.

Public Outrage

The pushback for the attack was almost immediate on social media.

Included in those comments was a tweet from Rep. Zeldin himself, saying:

Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

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The media made it a point to publicize anything negative about Trump supporters during the presidential campaign.

Now let’s see if they publicize the attacks against supporters of Trump and other GOP candidates after Waters’ inflammatory comments.

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