NY Bar Associations want law schools, firms to bypass latest SCOTUS affirmative action ruling

 May 11, 2024

The U.S. Supreme Court's landmark decision in the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard case has already become a trigger for woke organizations. 

According to The Daily Wire, New York Bar Associations are already urging law schools and law firms to bypass the high court's decision in the matter and still use racial preferences in selecting candidates and students.

The various NY bar associations want schools and firms to use admissions and hiring methods that "appear" to be race-neutral but actually still rely on race for the process.

Researcher Renu Mukherjee explained how the bar associations are packaging the new recommendations in the wake of the SCOTUS decision on affirmative action.

What's going on?

Mukherjee explained what the NYSBA Task Force on Advancing Diversity wrote in a 93-page report following the high court's decision on the issue.

“Law schools, for instance, are advised to continue granting admissions preferences to black and Hispanic applicants using methods that are race-neutral in theory but race-conscious in practice," the researcher noted.

She added, "Meanwhile, law firms are advised to simply continue their use of affirmative action; the bar associations suggest that because Students for Fair Admissions considered this policy only within the context of university admissions, the decision is inapplicable to employment."

Race should now be evaluated as "a non-racial goal or value being pursued by the university," the report stressed.

New admission plans, post-decision, should consider "low socioeconomic status, first-generation immigrant status, geographic location, or some kind of percentage plan."

The Daily Wire noted:

Schools are also encouraged to end early admission policies to align with “broader institutional diversity and equity goals” as well as consider removing standardized testing measures like the LSAT from admission considerations.

"By another name"

Mukherjee was asked if available pipeline programs would be able to be taken advantage of by white male prospects. She noted that

The outlet noted:

When asked if some pipeline programs might not be available for use by a group like white males, Mukherjee told The Daily Wire that if they did take race into account they “would be illegal and thus face challenge.” She added that the programs should be “open to ALL students, not just blacks and Hispanics.”

The report went full "woke" status on pushing the pipeline programs.

"In contrast, pipeline programs that offer academic support, test prep, mentoring, and career development opportunities prepare marginalized students to go toe-to-toe with their better-resourced peers; they provide these students with a sense of agency and accountability over their futures," the report stated.

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