NY Assembly Judiciary Committee report claims ‘overwhelming evidence’ of Cuomo’s sexual harassment

Nearly eight months ago, the New York state Assembly Judiciary Committee launched an investigation to determine to what extent disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) had engaged in sexual misconduct against multiple accusers, most of whom had previously worked for the former governor.

According to Fox News, the committee concluded its investigation and revealed Monday that it has “overwhelming” evidence that Cuomo did, in fact, engage in various forms of sexual harassment while he was governor of New York.

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, the law firm employed to conduct the investigation, provided a damning, 60-page report detailing several instances of Cuomo’s sexual harassment practices.

The firm wrote in the report that Cuomo “engaged in multiple instances of sexual harassment, including by creating a hostile work environment and engaging in sexual misconduct.”

Strong statements

The committee held nothing back in its announcement that it found Cuomo’s accusers to be truthful in describing past sexual harassment incidents.

“We have reviewed the former governor’s challenges to the allegations, and nothing in his voluminous submissions can overcome the overwhelming evidence of his misconduct,” the committee wrote in a statement.

Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s attorney, immediately pushed back on the committee’s eye-popping report, claiming the report was “flawed,” adding that it was biased in the same sense that the New York Attorney General’s report was.

“The Assembly’s report simply parrots the Attorney General’s flawed report, failing to engage with the many errors and omissions in the AG’s report and her one-sided, biased investigation,” Glavin said.

The attorney added: “And, like the AG, the Assembly refused to provide the former Governor with access to all the evidence, again denying the Governor due process and a meaningful ability to respond. This is disappointing, but hardly surprising.”

More sickening revelations

In addition to the evidence proving Cuomo is the creep most Americans believed he was, the report also found that the former governor employed state officials to help him develop his book about the COVID-19 pandemic, with some of those officials claiming that such tasks took their attention away from actually handling the pandemic.

Cuomo “utilized state resources and property, including work by Executive Chamber staff, to write, publish, and promote his book regarding his handling of the COVID-19 crisis – a project for which he was guaranteed at least $5.2 million in personal profit,” the report noted.

The former governor has not only denied wrongdoing in the sexual harassment allegations but has also remained steadfast in his assertion that he handled the pandemic without incident, which America now knows was a total and utter lie.

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