Devin Nunes tweets support for arrest of John Kerry

While our government law enforcement agencies are continuing the witch hunt against Trump, something else is going on right under their noses.

After a report was made about John Kerry using backchannels to keep the Iran deal in place, Devin Nunes called for Kerry’s arrest for Logan Act violations…

The Logan Act

The Logan Act came into law in 1799, but it has never actually been used in prosecution.

However, it was brought back into prominence during the presidential election.

Liberals were trying to drum up charges against Trump to prevent him from taking over the White House.

Both during the election season and after he was elected, Trump had met with some foreign officials.

While the Dems and liberals in general made this out to be a crime, it is something that has been done by every presidential candidate and president-elect in modern times.

In fact, Hillary Clinton was having her own meetings with foreign government officials, but they never said a peep about that.

The legislation itself says no private citizen, without proper authority from the United States, can have discussions with foreign governments to influence policy.

What Makes Kerry Different

While allowing the two presidential candidates and the president-elect to “catch up” with foreign governments and introduce themselves is a courtesy the White House gives these individuals, Kerry does not have that right.

Kerry has reportedly taken it upon himself to preserve Obama’s legacy, nothing more.

This is a blatant undermining of the office of the president by Kerry.

Furthermore, this is a textbook violation of the Logan Act.

Conservatives are going insane, and rightfully so.

If Michael Flynn can be brought up on charges while serving the president-elect for talking to foreign government officials, then why is Kerry not facing the same penalty?

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If Jeff Sessions has a single ounce of integrity, he will send the FBI over to Kerry’s house and take him away in shackles.

At the very least, an immediate investigation into Kerry must be ordered for the charges of treason against the United States of America.

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