Nunes slams Mueller report for blatant omissions

Discrepancies between a recently released voicemail transcript and the quote that was included in the Mueller report led Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) to demand to see the source materials.

“It’s all a fraud,” he tweeted Friday.

Backup Documentation

Democrats have been clamoring for the backup materials related to the Mueller report in hopes of finding new reasons to attack Trump. As it turns out, it was Nunes that found what may be the most damaging piece of information yet.

In a phone transcript between former Trump attorney John Dowd and the attorney for General Michael Flynn, he uncovered a blatant omission by Mueller and his team.

In the Mueller report, the conversation was edited to highlight very specific parts of the conversation. This is one of the instances of obstruction to which Mueller and Democrats have referred.

The problem, though, is the text they selected was taken completely out of context, with some very important aspects of the conversation having been completely eliminated.

Doing so makes this conversation appear to be evidence of obstruction, but it’s not…

Mueller Fraud

Where there is smoke, there is more than likely fire. In this case, if Mueller omitted key information like this here, chances are the same thing was done in other instances as well.

The Trump administration has long believed there were members of Mueller’s team that were out to get him.

While the left and Democrats accused Trump of being a conspiracy theorist, this more or less proves him right.

Even if it is only this one instance, the omissions are so blatant and so influential, one cannot help but think there were some people working on this report with an agenda.

Nunes is right in that we now must see the supporting documentation because there is a very good chance it will show more inappropriate behavior by Mueller’s team, effectively nullifying any claims Mueller made towards obstruction.

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