Nunes wants more than just a report from Durham: ‘We want indictments’

There has been a growing sense of urgency on all sides of the political divide regarding the investigation led by U.S. Attorney John Durham into the origins of the infamous Trump–Russia collusion probe, with many wondering if any news could come before November’s elections. Either way, unless the news comes in the form of criminal indictments, it seems Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) isn’t interested.

Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News on Friday that he doesn’t care about a report on Durham’s probe and is instead focused on seeing indictments, which he hopes will come sooner than later, regardless of the timing of the presidential election.

“We want indictments”

It was on Friday that Nunes appeared on Fox News’ Hannity to tell guest host Tammy Bruce that he’s more interested in seeing criminal indictments issued by Durham rather than an investigative report.

“I’m not too interested in a Durham report. I would like to know everything for the four-plus years that went on, including even the Mueller investigation,” he said in video shared to Sean Hannity’s Facebook page.

“But really what we want is we want indictments,” Nunes added. “We have made 14 criminal referrals, we have another investigation that’s ongoing.”

The “political issue”

As the Washington Examiner reported, just one day earlier, Nunes appeared on Fox Business with host Lou Dobbs, where he expressed concern that Durham’s probe would fall apart if Joe Biden were to win in November’s election.

“This next election is critical because if Biden somehow was to pull off a victory here, all this will be buried and we will then be left with a totally corrupt Department of Justice and FBI that will never get fixed, and it will take this country into a level of chaos that we have not seen if these prosecutions are not brought and people are not held to justice and put in jail,” the congressman said, according to the Examiner.

“I’m not worried about this whole ‘political issue,'” he said of potential indictments, as the Examiner reported. “Because these are people that are not politicians. These are people supposedly working for our government. So these are not people that would sway the November election one way or the other.

“I think they should bring it, even if it’s Oct. 15,” Nunes said.

Looking ahead

One can only hope accountability will indeed come — regardless of how soon voters will be hitting the polls.

In the meantime, Nunes seems to think Durham is “doing a thorough investigation,” the Examiner reports.

“People have to remember,” Nunes told Dobbs, “this is a sprawling investigation that stretches on from 2015 to the Mueller probe. So he’s got to get it right.”

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