Devin Nunes says there is ‘more to come’ on Mueller probe wrongdoing

There were some stunning developments this week in the legal case against Roger Stone — a friend and adviser to the Trump campaign — as prosecutors recommended an incredibly stiff sentence of 7–9 years in prison for lying to Congress, only for the Department of Justice to quickly walk that recommendation back. As a result, four of the prosecutors involved — at least three of whom were directly involved in former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year Russian collusion probe — resigned from the case in protest.

Now, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), long an outspoken critic of the Mueller investigation, is telling Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that the resignations of the Mueller prosecutors from the Stone case could be a sign that there is “more to come” in the near future regarding the Mueller probe in a broader sense, the Washington Examiner reported.

Stone victimized by “bogus investigation”

Nunes argued on Tuesday that Stone “should have never been investigated in the first place because the dirty cops knew in January of ’17 — January of ’17 — this is months before Mueller, that there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign.”

“So this was a bogus investigation from the beginning,” the congressman continued. “So Roger Stone gets drug through the mud, OK. He gets busted, for what? He gets busted for lying to Congress, OK. And if you’ll remember, the Democrats on that committee were doing everything they could to trip him up.”

Nunes acknowledged that it wasn’t OK to lie to Congress and conceded that Stone needed to face some accountability for that, but noted that the recommended sentence put forward by the prosecutors was incredibly disproportionate to the sentences others received for similar crimes.

“There is more to come on this”

“Let me tell you something else that your viewers will be interested in, that you’ll be interested in, because there is more to come on this,” Nunes added. “The lawyers that ‘stepped aside’ today, that busted Roger, that made the 7-9 years recommendation, the prosecutors.

“We believe that this is not going to be the only example. We think there’s other examples of things they did in the Mueller investigation that I think you and your listeners and the American people will be very interested to learn in the coming weeks as we start to unpeel the onion of what the Mueller team was really doing,” he continued.

Noting that there was never any evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia even before Mueller came on the scene, Nunes said: “So what the hell did they do for two years? They set up an obstruction of justice trap and they went after a whole bunch of people that are now got sentenced, some already served their time, and I think all of this has to come into question now at this point.”

Time for the truth to emerge

Unfortunately, Nunes declined to provide any of the “examples” of questionable activities and behavior by the Mueller team that he alluded might be publicly revealed in the near future.

That said, given the now-known fact that there was never any evidence of Russian collusion and that the whole thing was based on an unscrupulous FBI investigation founded solely on a discredited dossier, the entire probe and everything that came from it is now questionable and worthy of a second look, if not a complete reversal.

Hopefully, whatever revelations Nunes hinted at will soon be revealed, and everyone who was caught up in the obstruction and perjury traps set by Mueller’s team will finally see actual justice rather than more partisan persecution.

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