NSBA initially considered asking Biden for military deployment to counter concerned parents at school board meetings

It was in September 2021 that the National School Boards Association sent a letter to President Joe Biden that likened frustrated parents raising concerns at public school board meetings to domestic terrorists and sought federal law enforcement assistance to deal with the alleged problem.

Now it has been revealed that an initial draft of the NSBA letter to Biden actually called for the U.S. military to be deployed to local school board meetings in order to monitor and defend against potential threats, the Daily Caller reported.

While that particular request was ultimately not included in the letter to the president, that message did compare concerned parents to domestic terrorists and called for the use of anti-terrorism laws, such as the PATRIOT Act, as well as hate crime laws to be used in prosecutions against those parents.

Requested deployment of National Guard troops and Military Police

The revelation about the initial consideration of a military deployment request came via an independent report issued by a law firm hired by the NSBA to conduct a thorough review into all aspects of the letter that had spurred a furious public backlash for the organization.

The report indicated that the letter had largely been the idea of the NSBA’s then-interim CEO and Executive Director Chip Slaven, with assistance from only a small handful of staff and other executives and in coordination with Biden’s White House, and that the NSBA Board of Directors and members had not been consulted or informed of the full contents of the letter until after it had already been sent.

That investigation also looked at the various iterations of the letter throughout the weeks-long drafting process and compared what had been included in early drafts with what was ultimately contained in the final draft that was sent to the president and released through the media.

In one early version, in addition to requests for support from the Department of Justice and FBI, Slaven also wrote, “Further, in egregious circumstances and via coordination with local and state authorities, we ask that the Army National Guard and its Military Police be deployed to certain school districts and related events where students and school personnel have been subjected to acts and threats of violence.”

AG Garland followed through on NSBA requests

It is unknown what might have occurred if the request for military deployment and intervention had been included in the final version of the letter sent to President Biden.

As it was, Attorney General Merrick Garland wasted little time in issuing a memo just a few days later to the FBI and all U.S. Attorney’s Offices that directed them to use all authority at their disposal to investigate and prosecute alleged instances of violence, threats of violence, intimidation, and harassment of local and national school board members.

Of course, that memo only added fuel to the intense fire of highly critical blowback against the letter from not just the targeted concerned parents and opponents of the Biden administration, but also numerous members of the NSBA and its board that had been excluded from the creation and any discussion of the letter prior to it being sent and made public.

In fact, less than a month after the letter had been publicized, the NSBA issued an apology — to its members, though, and not the maligned parents — and disavowed the call for federal intervention while also demanding the independent review that has now recently concluded.

We can only speculate as to how much more fierce the public backlash would have been — not to mention the potential for actual violence — if that initial request for military assistance for school board meetings had not only been included in the final letter to Biden but had also actually been acted upon.

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