NSA admits it unmasked Tucker Carlson, report says

The National Security Agency quietly admitted that they unmasked Fox News host Tucker Carlson after Carlson accused the secretive agency of spying on him earlier this month, the Washington Examiner reported.

After Carlson leveled the bombshell accusations, the NSA issued a rare public denial. Now, an internal report has confirmed the allegations from Carlson, and the firestorm is just beginning. Even as they acknowledged that Carlson was unmasked, the NSA went to great lengths to do damage control.

While the NSA claimed that Carlson was not a target of the agency, “unmasking” Carlson meant that a high-ranking official was monitoring his communications and wanted to see his identity, which falls under “intelligence gathering,” according to the report.

Spying confirmed

The NSA claimed that Carlson was named in “communications between two parties” that the NSA was monitoring. This explanation doesn’t line up with the admission of revealing Carlson’s identity.

“Unmasking” an individual means that the NSA was already monitoring that individual’s communications and wanted to know exactly who that person was. The NSA already knew Carlson’s name as he was mentioned by whoever the NSA claims to have been monitoring, Newsweek noted.

Carlson claimed in June that a whistleblower informed him that the NSA was monitoring his electronic communications in an effort to dig up dirt on the primetime cable news host. The NSA wanted to force Carlson off the air and silence one of the most powerful voices on the right, Carlson insisted.

Questions raised

The internal report from the NSA raises more questions than it answers, and the only ones capable of solving this situation are Republicans in Congress.

The message is clear: Federal spy agencies are seemingly going after conservative voices. Our intelligence agencies have been politicized and turned against Americans who happen to have the wrong political orientation.

What is surely frustrating for Carlson is the absence of loud protests from Republicans in the House and the Senate. The NSA has been exposed for targeting a political opponent and the time for action is now.

Break the NSA

The mandate for Republicans is clear; the NSA has crossed a line and has cemented the numerous accusations from the American public that they cannot be trusted.

The Republican Party needs to prioritize breaking the NSA and stripping it of the unlimited power it has enjoyed for so long. Oversight isn’t enough when the oversight is politically motivated.

The existence of federal agencies that have the power to ruin the lives and reputations of Americans means that our rights are always under attack. Republicans must stand up and work to dismantle the power of the Deep State.

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