NRCC staffers secretly snap photos of DCCC data: Report

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) staffers decided to do a little snooping — and now, Democrats are losing their minds.

Politico reported on Friday that NRCC staffers happened upon a Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) meeting on Wednesday, so they took a few snapshots, and what they found was pretty incredible.

Moment of opportunity

According to NRCC staffers, this was a completely unintended discovery. The NRCC was having a meeting, and when some of those in attendance went outside to grab a smoke, they noticed the DCCC was meeting in a nearby office.

Shockingly, the shades were left wide open, and there was some pretty interesting information being displayed.

Seeing an opportunity to snag some opposition research that they may never get again, the Republicans decided to snap some pictures to see what the enemy had in mind for the November election.

The DCCC was apparently discussing how it planned to flip some of the red seats in Congress, but they may have to change their plans now that the NRCC knows its strategies.

What they learned

Among the information the DCCC had out for all to see was internal polling for the 25th Congressional District in California, home of the seat formerly held by disgraced Democrat Rep. Katie Hill.

In that race, former Rep. Steve Knight (R), according to their polling, is trailing Democrat Chrissy Smith. Additionally, the RNCC staffers claim they were able to see a full list of all the DCCC’s favorite candidates and how they are holding up in Democrat primary races.

The DCCC was, predictably, nowhere near as happy about the infiltration as the NRCC.

When reached for comment, DCCC staffer Cole Leiter stated: “When you have no ideas or accomplishments to run on, you creep in the bushes, take pictures through people’s windows, and invade their privacy.”

Leiter is clearly delusional, as the Republican Party has accumulated a laundry list of accomplishments to run on over the last three years.

All Dems really have to show their supporters since the last election is a failed impeachment.

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