Now that's cold: Biden puts bull's-eye on home furnaces

June 7, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The administration of Joe Biden has imposed a draconian green agenda on America, shutting down energy exploration, oil pipelines, and more.

He's turned what was an energy-exporting nation under President Trump into one dependent on unfriendly foreign nations for supplies.

And, in the course of that, has driven costs of gasoline as high as $6 a gallon in some cities.

Further, he's proposed getting rid of gas stoves, recommending replacing them with electric units that often run on power generated by coal-fired power plants.

Now he's putting a bull's eye on the ordinary gas furnaces in tens of millions of American homes.

Fox News report explains Biden's bureaucrats are expected soon to finish regulations that would restrict which furnaces can be purchased.

The report confirmed, "According to experts, the regulations — proposed in June 2022 by the Department of Energy (DOE) — would restrict consumer choice, drive prices higher, and likely have a low impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The agency could finalize the rules targeting residential gas furnaces, which more than 50% of American households rely on for space heating, at any point over the upcoming weeks."

Ben Lieberman, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Fox News Digital that Biden's "efficiency standard" essentially would outlaw any furnace that does not qualify under the high-tech condensing standards.

"Those are more efficient, but they cost more. And installation costs could be a big problem for some houses that are not compatible with condensing furnaces," he warned.

The report revealed the DOE's new requirements would be for furnaces to have a 95% efficiency standard, up from the current market standard of 80%.

"The regulations would largely take non-condensing gas furnaces — which are generally less efficient, but cheaper — off the market," the report said.

And anyone forced to replace a furnace with the more exotic models would face "hefty installation costs," the report said.

"There are some really technical reasons why this is such a concerning rule," Richard Meyer, of the American Gas Association, said in an interview with Fox.

"It has to do with the ability of consumers to comply with this new efficiency standard. They're going to have to, in many cases, install new equipment to exhaust gas out of their home. These higher efficiency units, or so-called condensing units — a lot of consumers have them in their homes, but a lot of consumers don't. So, this rule would require additional retrofits for a lot of consumers. And those retrofits can be extremely cost prohibitive."

The report estimated that about half of the current residential furnaces available would be banned under Biden's agenda.

Biden's administration also has aimed ovens, clothes washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and dishwashers, claiming new regulations would make them "greener."

A list of proposed or adopted federal rules shows that Biden also is attacking pool pumps, battery chargers, ceiling fans, and even dehumidifiers.

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