Now SECOND member of Congress wants probe of Fani Willis

 January 16, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A second member of Congress now is calling for an investigation of Fani Willis, the anti-Trump prosecutor in Georgia who hired her apparent paramour using tax money to assemble her unlikely organized crime charges against President Donald Trump.

It is U.S. Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., a decorated Army combat veteran, who posted on social media his demands for the investigation.

He cited evidence of possible bias, conflict of interest, and possible kickbacks, as the paramour possibly used money that Willis had arranged for him to be paid to take her on exotic vacations.

Then there's the likelihood that paramour, Nathan Wade, collaborated with the Joe Biden White House on the case he was assigned to create against Trump, bringing the possibility of collusion, she said.

The request triggered a commentary at Twitchy that was headlined, "HOO BOY, It's about to get real and SOOOOOOO much worse for Fani Willis."

WND previously had reported Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., was seeking a criminal investigation of Willis.

In an announcement on social media, she said, "I just sent a criminal referral requesting an immediate investigation into Fani Willis and her alleged secret boyfriend Nathan Wade, to Gov. Brian Kemp and AG Chris Carr," she said.

Willis' case against Trump is over the events surrounding the 2020 election, which evidence now shows was subjected to outside influences that were massive – and unlike any election interference from previous elections.

Those were that Mark Zuckerberg handed out some $400 million plus to elections officials who often recruited Democrat voters. No previous American election ever had had such a massive sum injected – outside the ordinary paths of election spending, which is monitored.

Further, the FBI decided to interfere by telling media corporations to suppress accurate, but damaging, reporting about the Biden family's international business schemes.

A poll later showed that interference likely cost President Trump the 2020 election.

Mills explained, "Fani Willis’ corrupt and unethical practices, conflict of interests, and potential collusion with Joe Biden to weaponize her role against a political opponent for blatant election interference should warrant an investigation and her debarment and dismissal. These Departments of Injustice must have accountability. Georgia, taxpayers, and President Donald Trump deserve more than this corruption circus and kangaroo courts. This is a direct assault on justice. I am formally calling on the Georgia State Bar to step up and immediately initiate an investigation on Fani Willis involvement with Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade to bring transparency, accountability, and true justice to Georgia’s legal system."

The New York Post explained the newest scandal involving Willis is over her relationship, and the hiring of, a "special prosecutor" to work on her case against Trump.

The publication reported ago Wade "did not deny having an affair with his boss, Fani Willis, when he was spotted Thursday for the first time since the bombshell allegations came to light."

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