Now DOCTORS say they’ll be refusing more COVID shots

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

When the COVID-19 pandemic developed in China, then spread around the world killing millions, people were in a panic.

Masks, shutting down the economy, distancing, and more all of a sudden became a priority.

So did shots that were developed on a superfast timeline that left them in “experimental” status as officials demanded people take them.

Of course, now we know the side effects include myocarditis – and worse.

So, according to a report in the Epoch Times, doctors, “a growing number,” have confirmed they won’t be taking any more COVID boosters until there’s evidence they help.

According to the report, Dr. Todd Lee, an infectious disease expert at McGill University, said on social media, “I have taken my last COVID vaccine without RCT level evidence it will reduce my risk of severe disease.”

RCT is a randomized clinical trial and is considered an accurate way of assessing the effectiveness of various medical treatments.

Officials in the United States insisted on general use – and acceptance – of the shots without those trials because of the nature of the health emergency, which is why the shots also remained in “experimental” status.

According to the report, Lee has gotten three vaccine doses but got the Omicron virus variant anyway.

Another physician, Dr. Vinay Prasad, of the University of California in San Francisco, told the Epoch Times he’s not taking more shots.

“I took at least 1 dose against my will. It was unethical and scientifically bankrupt,” he charged.

And Allison Krug, who co-authored a study showing teen boys were more likely to suffer heart inflammation after taking COVID shots, said her own doctor agreed with her when she refused a booster.

Dr. Tracy Hoeg, also from San Francisco, said, “I also had an adverse reaction to dose 1 moderna and, if I could do it again, I would not have had any covid vaccines.”

It was Retsef Levi, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who said, according to the Epoch Times, “At this point in time, all COVID mRNA vaccination program[s] should stop immediately. They should stop because they completely failed to fulfill any of their advertised promise[s] regarding efficacy. And more importantly, they should stop because of the mounting and indisputable evidence that they cause unprecedented levels of harm, including the death of young people and children.”


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