Cameras catch notecard with explicit basic instructions for Biden during White House meeting

There have been persistent rumors and speculation about President Joe Biden’s declining cognitive capabilities and that his White House team increasingly has to provide him with directions for even relatively mundane activities and events.

That notion just received a massive boost Thursday after cameras caught sight of a notecard in Biden’s hand that did indeed provide him with the most basic instructions for what he was supposed to do during a White House event, the Daily Wire reported.

Instructions one might give to a child

President Biden held a meeting Thursday with various government officials and private sector and union labor leaders to discuss an initiative on off-shore windmills.

It was during his remarks at the public portion of that meeting that the notecard with instructions was spotted by journalist Kate Hyde and subsequently shared on Twitter for all to see.

Other images from that event were soon shared online that provided an even better view of the step-by-step instructions on the notecard that had been provided to the president by his team — the other side of which appeared to have illegible notes in Biden’s own handwriting.

Conservative digital strategist Greg Price mockingly wrote, “Joe Biden isn’t senile, guys. His handlers just have to give him step-by-step directions for every single thing that he does.”

The instructions for Biden included: “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participant; YOU take YOUR seat; Press enters; YOU give brief comments (Minutes); Press departs; YOU ask Liz Shuler AFL-CIO President a question; Note: Liz is joining virtually.; YOU thank participants.; You depart.”

Not the first time

The Daily Wire noted that this is not the first time that President Biden has accidentally revealed to the cameras the instructions or prepared talking points that have been given to him by his White House team ahead of public events or press conferences with the media.

Indeed, it was just in March that a card was spotted in Biden’s hand that had pre-written responses to likely questions that he would receive about several gaffes he had made days earlier about Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war with Ukraine.

There were also multiple instances throughout 2021, according to the New York Post, where Biden, through both word and deed, revealed that he is provided with a sort of “cheat sheet” ahead of press conferences that include the names, photos, and outlets of specific reporters and, in some cases, even the order in which he was supposed to call on them.

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