Democrats losing patience with Biden on border crisis: ‘Not enough is being done’

After months of opportunities to address the issue, President Joe Biden is failing miserably in his attempt to handle the situation at the southern U.S. border, where illegal immigrants — including unaccompanied minors — are continuing to flood into the country at record rates.

According to the Washington Examiner, even Democrats are finally throwing flags on the play, with Arizona Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly publicly criticizing the White House for not doing enough to address the escalating migrant crisis.

“Not enough is being done”

Aside from risking political backlash by backing GOP Gov. Doug Ducey’s deployment of Arizona National Guard troops to the state’s border with Mexico, Sinema made clear in a recent talk with local reporters that resources in the Grand Canyon State are being stretched to dangerously thin levels as a result in the migrant influx.

“It’s clear that not enough is being done,” Sinema said, according to the Examiner. “Arizona is bearing the brunt of this crisis because of the federal government’s failure to address immigration issues over the last three decades.”

Kelly, for his part, echoed his Senate colleague’s concerns.

“I’ve been down to the border, Douglas and Yuma. I’ve talked to sheriffs and mayors and the two sector chiefs and their leadership teams. We’ve got a problem,” Kelly said, as the Examiner reported. “The federal government has failed on this issue for decades now. Washington has to do better, and Arizonans are fed up. So, I’m just going to call it like I see it.”

Sinema, who has attempted to address immigration issues within Congress, also said that at this point, she’s waiting for the Biden administration to “take bold action” to address the concerns of her constituents.

“It’s all a shell game”

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who also represents a border district, has similarly been open in expressing his frustrations with the Biden administration and their response — or lack thereof — to the border crisis that’s leaving communities in Texas with the same problems felt in Arizona.

Most recently, the Texas Democrat made headlines for accusing the Biden administration of moving thousands of unaccompanied minors around to provide for better photo ops of the various holding facilities.

“What they’re doing now is they’re moving the kids from the Border Patrol tents over to next door to the [Health and Human Services] facility. With all due respect, it’s all a shell game,” Cuellar said, according to Breitbart.

“To say that we have everything under control, you know. I’m supportive of President Biden. I’m a supporter of his, but we’re not paying attention to the border’s communities,” Cuellar said in a recent Fox News interview, according to Newsweek. “And it’s not under control. I can tell you that.”

While the Biden administration continues to posture as if the crisis isn’t really a crisis, it’s becoming clearer by the day that the issue is transcending political battle lines — and even Democrats have had enough. The clock is ticking, Joe.

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