‘Not a shoo-in:’ a number of Virginia voters disapprove of Harris as a replacement for Biden in 2024

Will Vice President Kamala Harris be the Democrats’ 2024 candidate should President Joe Biden choose not to seek reelection? It’s not looking likely.

Fox News just surveyed several Virginia voters who made it clear that Harris would not be a “shoo-in” replacement for Biden should he choose not to run in 2024. 

The people speak

In its report, Fox quotes several Virginia voters on whether they would support Harris as the Democrats’ presidential candidate in 2024. Some of the responses that Fox received were fairly blunt.

“I don’t think she deserves the position she is in now,” one man said. “I think she’s a joke, to be honest. She’s just been an embarrassment to everyone.”

“Hopefully, somebody else will run for president and not her,” another individual said. “Different people, different results.”

Even one individual who was open to voting for Harris said that she’d also “be open to other candidates as well in the Democratic Party.”

The Dems’ 2024 problem:

To put it briefly, it is that the Democrats’ top two leaders – Biden and Harris – do not appear to be viable 2024 candidates. And, it is the Democrats themselves who have recently started to admit this.

Talk about a replacement for Biden picked up after a recent New York Times article quoting Democrat insiders as expressing plainly their opinion that the Democrats need to drop Biden ahead of 2024.

The White House attempted to quiet this talk down by stating that Biden does intend to run again in 2024. But, this hasn’t worked. The speculation has continued, and, to some extent, it has even strengthened.

Harris appears to be a no-go

Naturally, if the president chooses not to pursue a second term, then the vice president would be expected to step up. This is why the attention has turned to Harris. The vice president, though, appears to be an even bigger liability for the Democrats than Biden.

Poll after poll has indicated that Americans do not view Harris favorably. A recent poll from Fox, for example, found that 39% of American view Harris favorably while the majority – 56% – view her unfavorably.

So, it is not that surprising that the group of Virginia voters that Fox surveyed aren’t crazy about the idea of a Democratic 2024 ticket with Harris at the top. But, this all leaves open the question: if not Biden and not Harris, then who?

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