North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un personally overseeing drills simulating nuclear attack on South Korea and the United States

March 21, 2023
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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un oversaw drills on Saturday and Sunday simulating “war deterrence and nuclear counterattack capability," in the form of a nuclear strike on South Korea and the United States.

A statement from North Korea's KCNA read, "The drill also aimed to demonstrate our tougher will to make an actual war response and send a stronger warning to the enemy who expand their war drills for aggression."

The nuclear attack drills were conducted in response to joint U.S.-South Korea military drills that were also conducted over this last weekend.

North Korea insists that such drills are "provocations," despite the defensive nature of the U.S.-South Korean military relationship.

Increasing aggression

North Korea has become increasingly aggressive over the past couple of years after a period of relative peace thanks to the strong diplomatic efforts of former President Donald Trump.

With Trump out of the picture, for now, Kim Jong-un has gone back to his violent ways and North Korea continues to threaten way on their southern neighbor.

Particularly alarming was the launch of a solid-fueled KN-23 short-range ballistic missile on Sunday that carried a mock nuclear warhead and flew 500 miles, which makes it capable of striking targets in South Korea.

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command responded to news of the launch by saying the drills "highlight the destabilizing impact of its unlawful WMD and ballistic missile programs."

South Korea is in legitimate danger of being attacked with nuclear weapons and there seems to be little concern from President Joe Biden and his administration.

Unfortunately for South Korea, the Biden administration is doing little to prevent increasing aggression and an anonymous official has privately admitted the current strategy is not working.

No answer from the White House

President Biden has been too busy cheering on the war in Ukraine to worry about the possibility of a nuclear attack killing millions in South Korea.

North Korea has been resistant to talks for the past year and things have gotten so bad that the international community should be coming together to deal with this threat to peace.

Whether that will happen or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, millions are in danger and it's worth wondering if this would have happened under Donald Trump's watch.

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