North Korea conducts another missile ‘test’

North Korea continues to poke the bear with missile tests. This time, they fired a “projectile” into the country’s eastern sea.

North Korea’s state-run Central News Agency declared that the latest volley was actually a test for its “continuous fire system,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Just Poking the Bear

North Korea has already set an end-of-year deadline for negotiations on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. But since Trump and Kim met some months ago, there has been little movement on the situation.

Now, North Korea appears to be ramping up its nuclear readiness in anticipation of that deadline not being met.

After the latest test, North Korea stated: “The test-fire was designed to verify the reliability of the continuous fire system of the launcher.”

The report went on to say that Kim was happy with the tests as well as stating a much larger test will be conducted after the new year if some type of agreement is not in place.

Negotiations Continue

One of the main negotiators for the United States just got upped by Trump. Stephen Biegun, who has been serving as the Special Representative for North Korea, is slated to become the deputy secretary of State.

Biegun has reportedly been the primary on this case for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a role that will not change with his new position.

The former deputy secretary of State, John Sullivan, is slated to move on to be the new ambassador to Russia.

North Korea has stated that it will choose a “new way” to address this situation once the clock expires, so Biegun is being thrown into the fire right out of the gate.

The “new way” according to North Korean expert Harry Kaznias, is to set off a “crisis that can’t be ignored.”

So far, Kim has been hesitant to truly test Trump, but that situation is clearly about to change in 2020.

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