North Korea launches another missile ‘test’ to protest joint US-South Korea drills

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is continuing to throw hissy fits over the military maneuvers undertaken by the United States and South Korea.

For the fourth time in roughly two weeks, Kim has conducted a missile test as a “warning” to both nations.

Annual Maneuvers

The operations being conducted by South Korea and the United States are nothing new. These readiness drills are conducted each year around this time.

However, as a compromise with Kim, Trump has scaled back the maneuvers to pacify the paranoid dictator. What used to be legitimate and comprehensive war games are now largely computer simulations.

The maneuvers are “ready” drills for the two nations in case of attack. This, however, is deemed by Kim to be an aggressive move on the parts of both the United States and South Korea.

In his opinion, while the U.S. is working with North Korea to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, these maneuvers should not be taking place.

No Need for Aggression

The behavior by Kim is only justifying the necessity of the joint military drills.

Considering the scaling back of the drills, most experts agree Kim should be appreciative rather than showing more aggression.

One expert on international security stated, “But Pyongyang shows no appreciation for this, keeping its own exercise schedule unchanged, conducting provocative weapons tests, and dialing up its rhetoric.”

While Kim is “warning” both countries, he still has not stepped over one significant line.

Kim promised Trump he would stick to testing short-range missiles and will no longer test his intercontinental missiles during the negotiations.

Trump administration officials and even Trump himself have pointed this out on numerous occasions in response to attacks from the press suggesting that the relationship between Trump and Kim is nothing more than a farce for the media.

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