North Carolina child’s body found after being swept away; he was 1

Deaths such as this are never easy to hear about.

Monday morning, police finally located the body of a missing 1-year-old boy, Kaiden Lee-Welch, who was lost during the flooding in North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Lost Grip

Dazia Lee, the boy’s mother, was traveling to escape the storm when the incident happened.

After driving around a barricade on Sunday night, her car was swept up in fast-moving flood waters.

After the car was pushed up against a tree, Lee tried to get out of the car with her son.

While she was able to escape the vehicle, she lost her grip on the car seat holding Kaiden.

The boy was quickly swept away from her.

Police and neighbors almost immediately started the search but were initially unable to find the boy; his body was recovered on Monday morning.

“He was my first and only child and now he’s just gone. I don’t even feel like a parent no more. He’s just gone,” Lee mourned.

The boy’s mother insisted that the barricades had been pushed aside and that she did not intentionally go around them. “I was about to detour…I want to know whoever moved the barricades. I lost my son because of this,” said Lee.

Local authorities say the barricades were in place, but that “she was a stranger in the community and driving on this road she did not know.”

Still Dangerous

A common mistake people make after these storms initially hit is to think things are safe.

However, in virtually every case, roads are dangerous for days or weeks after the initial storm passes through.

This was exactly the case in Texas last year.

Gov. Cooper of North Carolina has warned residents that flood waters are still raging out of control.

Residents are being asked to be very careful when venturing out.

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While a formal count has not yet been released, it is believed dozens are dead from Florence.

Sadly, Kaiden was not even the youngest victim, as a 3-month-old has also been reported as deceased by authorities.

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