North and South Korean leaders meet again in emergency meeting to save summit

Earlier this week, President Trump called off the U.S-North Korean summit.

However, in what appears to be an effort to save the summit, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in had a private meeting on Saturday.

Not So Fast

When Trump canceled the summit, several pundits noted the cleverness of his letter to Kim.

While the President openly chastised Kim for his most recent tone, he was also quite complimentary to him in other areas.

He more or less dared Kim not to fall victim to being manipulated by the Chinese and to do what he knows is right.

Kim apparently got the message, because he and Moon met to discuss saving the summit.

Moon has said he will release a statement on Sunday revealing the full details of the meeting.

When word of the meeting between Kim and Moon leaked out, President Trump seemed hopeful the summit could still be saved…

Finding the Right Path

Kim seems very conflicted over what he needs to do.

Quite honestly, his recent behavior is more typical of a manipulative child than a world leader.

Kim had started down the right path back in April.

After all but daring Trump to go to war and finding out Trump was not going to back down, Kim did what was right for his people and met with Moon to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

After that meeting, it was agreed upon that South Korea would host the summit and serve as the mediator for Trump and Kim.

Several days later, though, Chinese President Xi met with Kim, and his tone noticeably changed in regard to the United States.

That tone is what led Trump to cancel the summit.

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Now, after Trump’s letter, Kim seems to have changed his tune again.

For the good of the world, we can only hope his path stays true this time.

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