Noncitizen arrested for voter fraud scheme

How many times have we been told voter fraud is a myth and does not exist?

That “myth” was shot down this week when a non-citizen was arrested for her role in voter fraud in Texas.


As many of us suspected, illegal votes were being cast in the 2016 presidential election.

While conservatives complained of voter fraud all along, liberals continued to say this was nothing more than wishful thinking on our part.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton landed the opening shot in what will surely be a landslide of indictments.

On June 3, Marcela Gutierrez was indicted for illegal voting.

Her crime was filling out a ballot under someone else’s name without their permission.

According to reports, Gutierrez was using the ruse of “explaining” how the voting machine was working, but she was actually casting a vote.

On Tuesday, Paxton announced Gutierrez has been formally arrested on the charge.

More to the Story

This was not a one-off instance, either.

Gutierrez is also facing 10 counts of unlawfully assisting a voter.

Nor was Gutierrez acting alone in this voting ruse.

Two other women, Sylvia Arjona and Sara Ornelas, were also implicated in the scandal.

Between the two of them, seven more counts of unlawfully assisting a voter were charged.

Of note here is the fact that Arjona is married to Hidalgo County ISD Trustee Ben Arjona.

So, why was a trustee’s wife messing with votes?

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We would also like to know why a non-citizen was even working at a voting facility.

Don’t expect answers anytime soon, though, because Democrats still insist voting fraud doesn’t exist.

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