Nobu restaurant chain bans Donald Trump – for life

Another liberal Hollywood star is trying to make a splash with his dislike for President Trump.

During a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Robert De Niro said he will NEVER let Trump enter any of his Nobu restaurants.

Banned for Life

De Niro is typical of the Hollywood stars that think people actually care what they have to say.

The man has made hundreds of millions playing make believe for a living.

Sadly, though, De Niro also seems to believe he is personally as tough as some of the characters he has played on the big screen.

De Niro even once said he would punch Trump in the face if he ever saw him person, but he has changed his tune on that somewhat.

After saying the President would never be allowed to eat in his restaurants, his partner-chef took a nice little poke at De Niro.

Chef Nobu said it’s his “dream for Trump to sit next to Bob. To make them sushi!”

De Niro was quick to dismiss the notion, stating, “I don’t care what he likes. If he walked into a restaurant I was in – I’d walk out.”

Not That It Would Happen

De Niro can rest assured the President has no need to sit down at one his restaurants and put money in the palm of a man who despises him.

The Trump family owns dozens of the best hotels and restaurants in the country, make that the world.

So, I doubt he will be hurting to find a meal somewhere other than restaurants owned by De Niro.

Time to Make Them Pay

The time has come for conservatives to truly stand up for what they believe.

Millions of dollars are no doubt spent annually by conservatives on De Niro movies as well as at his restaurants and hotels.

Suddenly pulling that income from his pocket might make him rethink opening up his mouth next time someone asks him a question about Trump.

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While De Niro is absolutely entitled to his opinion, we are also entitled to choose where and how we spend our money.

And it surely should NOT be with anything De Niro is involved in.

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