Comedian Trevor Noah calls Donald Trump ‘a cancer’

Trevor Noah of Comedy Central has taken yet another disgusting shot at President Trump.

During a recent event to fight cancer, Noah literally called Trump “a cancer.”

Noah described a friend’s account of having cancer, saying, “‘He said, ‘Trevor, cancer is–it’s a scary thing because when they first tell you about it, you don’t believe it is happening. You know that it exists but you don’t ever believe it’s something that can happen to you. It’s something that’s scary and then you think it’s only affected you but it affects everybody around you and it seems like it’s the end and for some people it is, but for others, it isn’t. And all you know is that you hate it every single day.'”

“I was like, ‘Wow, so cancer is Donald Trump.’ It’s pretty wild, it’s a pretty wild feeling. He is, isn’t he? He really is. Genuinely is. He’s-he’s a cancer. He is a cancer that grows,” said Noah.

Always Political

Noah is simply incapable of making a comment that is not politically motivated.

In this case, he was at the Inaugural Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala sponsored by a group that “provides prevention, early detection, and support to those affected by cancer.”

The Comedy Central personality could not help but compare our president to one of the most horrific diseases we have ever seen.

He does this simply because he has a different ideology.

Quite honestly, in the history of our country, we have NEVER seen a sitting president come under as much scrutiny as Trump.

The Media

While he works for a “comedy” channel, Noah is considered a political pundit and part of the mainstream media due to the theme of his show.

As it became more apparent Trump would be the Republican candidate and then president, Democrats pushed a very specific narrative to create a divide in this country.

Sadly, the mainstream media, at least for the most part, bought into this narrative hook, line, and sinker.

Americans are being twisted by what these specific networks or individuals believe rather than the facts.

Nobody is pretending Trump is perfect, but looking at the achievements of this administration for the everyday American, it cannot be denied the administration is a success to this point.

Noah is a puppet and nothing more.

He says things to create rage, fury, and division.

He has made racist statements that have gone completely unnoticed.

For instance, after the 2016 election, Noah blamed Trump’s winning on the “whiteness” of the working class.

He claimed many of Trump’s supporters were only interesting in taking care of themselves and were “earning large amounts of money.”

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You see, he says what is convenient to his narrative that will create the most shock value at the given moment.

To that point, it is not Donald Trump that is the “cancer” but rather people like Trevor Noah.

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